Growing Gardens and Minds: How Relaxed Homeschooling Transformed My Daughter’s Education


We’ve experienced the struggles of traditional homeschooling firsthand, with its large classrooms, lack of outdoor time, and daily explosive breakdowns. As educators ourselves, we faced additional challenges with a child who has ADHD and a strong-willed personality. But then we discovered the power of relaxed homeschooling. By incorporating activities like starting a garden, watching educational videos, and exploring composting and pollution, we transformed our daughter’s education. The benefits have been astounding – extended learning, improved skills, and more enjoyable days. Join us as we share our journey and inspire others to grow gardens and minds through relaxed homeschooling.

The Homeschooling Struggles We Faced

We faced numerous challenges during our homeschooling journey, including a large classroom environment, a lack of outdoor time, daily explosive breakdowns, and the difficulties of dealing with ADHD and a strong-willed child. It was overwhelming to have multiple children in one room, making it hard to give each child the attention they needed. Additionally, with limited outdoor time, we struggled to provide our children with the physical activity and fresh air they craved. The daily explosive breakdowns added another layer of stress, as we constantly had to manage meltdowns and find ways to calm our child. Dealing with ADHD and a strong-willed child also presented unique challenges, requiring us to find effective strategies for learning and behavior management. Despite these challenges, we remained committed to serving our children’s educational needs and finding solutions that would help them thrive.

Overcoming the Challenges of a Rigid Schedule

After researching unschooling, considering abandoning curriculum planning became a viable option for us. We were tired of the battles over worksheets vs. outdoor time and the stress and lack of learning that came with a rigid schedule. We wanted to find a more flexible and enjoyable way to educate our daughter.

Through relaxed homeschooling, we discovered the benefits of incorporating real-life experiences into her education. We started a garden, which not only taught her about science and nature but also provided a hands-on learning opportunity. We explored composting and pollution, learning about soil and decomposers in the process. Additionally, we developed a business to pick up trash, which not only helped the environment but also taught her about entrepreneurship and responsibility.

By embracing relaxed homeschooling, our daughter’s motivation and inspiration soared. She became an active participant in choosing worksheets and took ownership of her education. It was a transformative experience that extended beyond initial videos, fostering a love for science, reading, technology, and math.

For those seeking to serve others, relaxed homeschooling can provide a unique and fulfilling educational journey. It allows for collaboration, creativity, and a deeper connection to the world around us.

The Journey to Discovering Relaxed Homeschooling

Through exploring different methods of education, such as incorporating real-life experiences and hands-on learning opportunities, our homeschooling journey led us to discover the benefits of a more relaxed approach. We started by creating a garden in our backyard, which became a hub for learning. We watched educational videos about plants, composting, and pollution, and delved into the world of soil and decomposers. Our daughter even developed a business to pick up trash and help keep our community clean. The benefits of this relaxed homeschooling approach were evident. Our daughter’s learning extended beyond the initial videos, and she gained valuable skills in science, reading, technology, and math. Our days became more flexible and enjoyable, with a collaborative approach to choosing worksheets. This journey has had a positive impact on our motivation and inspiration to serve others.

Unleashing the Power of the Garden in Education

By incorporating a garden into our homeschooling journey, our learning experience has become more dynamic and engaging. The power of the garden has transformed our education in ways we never could have imagined. Not only are we learning about plants and nature, but we are also discovering valuable life skills and developing a deeper understanding of serving others.

Enhanced Science Knowledge Improved Problem-Solving Skills Increased Collaboration
Hands-On Learning Opportunities Cultivation of Responsibility Connection to Nature
Understanding the Importance of Sustainability Developing a Sense of Empathy Creating a Giving Mindset
Learning about the Food System Building Healthy Eating Habits Engaging in Community Service
Cultivating a Love for the Outdoors Boosting Creativity and Imagination Fostering a Sense of Wonder

Through our garden, we are not only growing plants, but we are also growing minds. We have discovered the joy of working together as a family and serving others through our garden produce. It has truly transformed our homeschooling experience and enriched our lives in countless ways.

The Surprising Benefits of Relaxed Homeschooling

Incorporating a more flexible approach to our homeschooling has brought unexpected benefits to our learning journey. We have discovered that relaxed homeschooling has the power to transform education for our daughter and for us as a family. Here are some surprising benefits we have experienced:

  • Increased motivation: By allowing our daughter to choose her own worksheets and activities, she feels a sense of ownership and is more motivated to learn.
  • Enhanced creativity: With a more flexible schedule, our daughter has the freedom to explore her interests and pursue creative projects, which has sparked her imagination.
  • Deeper connections: Relaxed homeschooling has allowed us to spend more quality time together as a family, fostering stronger relationships and a greater sense of connectedness.
  • Improved mental health: The reduced stress and pressure of a rigid schedule has had a positive impact on our daughter’s mental well-being, promoting a healthier and happier learning environment.
  • Joyful learning: By incorporating fun and engaging activities, we have seen a renewed joy and enthusiasm for learning in our daughter.

Embracing relaxed homeschooling has truly been a transformative experience that has enriched our lives and our daughter’s education. We are grateful for the unexpected benefits it has brought to our learning journey.

Finding Additional Resources and Support

Finding additional resources and support has been crucial in navigating the challenges and uncertainties of our homeschooling journey. As we strive to serve others and provide the best education for our children, we have discovered a wealth of information and assistance through various avenues. One valuable resource is the collaboration with schools, where we can exchange ideas and strategies for homework and accommodations. Another important aspect is the importance of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), which help tailor our child’s education to their unique needs. Additionally, subscribing to ADDitude magazine and accessing has provided us with guidance and a wealth of information on homeschooling children with ADHD. These resources have been instrumental in our quest to serve our children and create a fulfilling homeschooling experience.

Navigating homework and accommodations has been a challenging but necessary aspect of our homeschooling journey. We have learned to adapt and find ways to support our daughter’s learning needs. Here are four key strategies we use to navigate homework and accommodations:

  1. Clear communication: We prioritize open communication with our daughter’s teachers to ensure they understand her specific needs and can provide appropriate accommodations.
  2. Individualized plans: We work closely with our daughter’s teachers to develop individualized education plans (IEPs) that outline specific goals, accommodations, and strategies to support her learning.
  3. Flexible scheduling: We recognize that our daughter may need extra time or breaks during homework sessions. We create a flexible schedule that allows for breaks and adjustments based on her needs.
  4. Supportive environment: We create a calm and quiet environment for homework, free from distractions. We also provide additional resources and tools, such as visual aids or assistive technology, to assist her in completing assignments.

Collaborating With Schools for Success

Collaborating with schools has been crucial in ensuring our daughter’s success in her homeschooling journey. We have found that working together with the school system has provided valuable resources and support that have greatly benefited our daughter’s education. Through this collaboration, we have been able to access strategies for homework and accommodations, as well as important information on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). This partnership has allowed us to serve our daughter’s needs more effectively and ensure that she receives the support she requires. We have also subscribed to ADDitude, a magazine that offers guidance and additional resources for parents navigating homeschooling with ADHD. This collaboration with schools has been instrumental in our daughter’s growth and development, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve her educational journey alongside them.

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